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Couple got back over 270,000AUD supposed home down payment invested into a scam company through Forensic Pro.

Couple got back over 270,000AUD supposed home down payment invested into a scam company, through Forensic Pro.

After the loss, the only thing that gave Kevin and Nicole Deklan hope for recovery of their stolen capital is the private litigation and forensic firm -

"We couldn't sleep," Nicole said. "You go through so many different feelings and then the worst part is the morning because you just wake up and you keep feeling like it's still real. You just want to wake up and feel like it didn't happen and it did."

The couple lived in a nightmare, just days after they thought they'd achieved financial freedom. They stayed with family near the Beach at a time they thought they'd have closed on their dream home, where they hoped to create a happy childhood for Deklan Jr. "All of this was for him," Nicole says. "The house, with the yard, with schools, and so he could have a sibling." "But instead, their roughly 300,000AUD down payment for that home, 68 percent of the purchase price, got in the hands of an investment scammer, a con man with an account in Singapore." - P.I. The money, which came from prior home ownership and inheritance, was supposed to go to lowering the couple's cost-of-living. Nicole is a nurse and Kevin is a chef, so they hoped to make the move more manageable.

But this couple immediately reported their ordeals to the bank, which did not help as much as they would have wanted. After finding out about, a firm introduced to them by a victim of similar scam, Nicole contacted and got litigation assistance from them. "They recovered our money, that I thought was gone forever. I could not have done this without them. They really know what to do. It was a process but well worth the time and effort. Was apprehensive at the beginning but they proved to me that their service was for real and they did help us recover it all. WOW" - Nicole

"What we do is really quite compelling, our business model is to assist our clients get their stolen assets and investments back by any means within the confines of the law, as well as leverage our network of local lawyers to make that a possibilty. We research in details, and only come forward when there is really a unique opportunity to get your lost investments back. Even though our service is not for free, it is quite affordable.," said Jerry Penman, a Litigation exec at Victims of similar cases are adviced to reach out before situations gets to an irreversible condition.